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The Tools - Coach Kate’s Endurance Sport Lessons

The Tools Book by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels

The Tools is a book written by two psychotherapists who wanted to improve patient outcomes, not simply by listening to the patient, but focus on changing patients behaviour rather than their attitude. “5 Tools to help you find courage, creativity, and willpower - and inspire you to live life in forward motion.”

Below is a quick summary of each tool. Further details on the tools can be found in the book, web site and via the Netflix documentary.

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Tool 1 - The Reversal of Desire

Use - Take action on something you’ve been avoiding

Why - Avoiding emotional pain limits potential, allows you to live outside your comfort zone

How - Bring attention and acknowledge the pain / discomfort

Tool 2 - Active Love

Use - When someone makes you angry and you can’t stop thinking about it ‘The Maze’

Why - Helps you accept others as they are, move forward & stop fixating on one thing

How - Concentrate and open your heart to love / affection, express that love / affection to the person who makes you angry

Tool 3 - Inner Authority

Use - Intimidating situations, situations where you feel insecure

Why - Accept your imperfections and be yourself, can also help you ‘be in the zone’

How - Embrace your shadow (insecurities & imperfections), feel a bond with your shadow

Tool 4 - The Grateful Flow

Use - When you can only focus on negative thinking

Why - Negative thinking and depressive thoughts limit what you can do with your life

How - Think of things you take for granted, you’re grateful for, name them, think of new ones each day

Tool 5 - Jeopardy

Use - Lack of motivation or will power

Why - Consumer culture promotes a reward for the slightest effort which is not a true representation of the world

How - Envision yourself lying on your death bed, remind yourself not to waste the present moment

The authors of this book believe use of these five tools will enable you to face pain and live in forward motion. “It’s the force that enables an individual life to expand and fulfil its potential because it’s undaunted by pain.”

One of the biggest take home points for me is the reinforcement to live your life outside of your comfort zone. “When others see and feel you doing things you’ve never done before, it expands their sense of what’s possible for them.” Aspire to be a creator.

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