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Personal Hygiene for Triathlon - Coach Kate’s Endurance Sport Lessons

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Sweating in lycra in a triathlon, cycling or running can result in a few uncomfortable conditions specifically relating to the skin. Maintaining your personal hygiene before, during & after triathlon and exercise is paramount.

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Personal Hygiene Triathlon

This triathlon lesson is not designed to name and shame, but highlight some unhygienic practices we are all guilty of at some stage, and how they may lead to further medical issues.

Sun Exposure

  • Wear sport sunscreen that you can sweat through (I use Banana Boat Dry Balance Lotion)

  • Consider other options for sun protection that don’t block your pores include arm sleeves (I use Sparms), buffs etc.

  • Wear sun glasses, even if to protect your eyes from dirt / small rocks off the road when cycling


  • Caused by moisture and friction

  • Consider whether you are in the right socks and shoes (including lacing) to allow for less movement and moisture wicking

  • For no sock races (usually sprint/olympic distance triathlon) consider a lubricant such as Vaseline / Paw Paw ointment or baby powder to reduce moisture and/or friction

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Saddle Sores

  • Can be mild friction right through to a pus filled sore

  • Get a bike fit and find the right saddle for you (speak with your coach or local bike shop for further information regarding this)

  • Consider higher quality bike shorts / knicks which generally have better / gender specific padding and wear longer

  • Do not wear your cycling kit or trisuit longer than you have to. Get changed out of sweaty kit ASAP before hitting the cafe.

  • Shower as soon as possible after a session to remove bacteria from your skin

  • Don’t wear underwear under your bike shorts. Cotton, seam lines, extra material = more friction / sweat


  • Very similar to saddle sores but also common around arm pit, neck, sports bra, HR monitor etc.

  • Use a lubricant such as body glide, Vaseline or Paw Paw ointment prior to your workout on potential chafe locations

  • Wear well-fitted clothing. Loose sweaty workout kit is more likely to cause chafe compared to tighter fighting kit

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